Join our labor!

Our labor of conservation and protection of the environment is based in 3 main fields:

Animal rescue

We rescue, basically, amphibious and reptiles from La Fortuna and the places around; people call us from hotels, restaurants or homes to pick up and rescue to these species that can be in danger. We take care of them and return them to their natural habit.

If the animal needs rehab, we place it in the Vivarium Area, where the species can recover to be returned to their natural environment.

However, if after the rehab the amphibious or the reptile presents incapacity to be returned to its natural environment in Arenal Natura we offer it a new home where the animal can have all the attentions and commodities to have a good life.

Species Reproduction

We are committed with the conservation of biodiversity and that is why we reproduce species in danger of extinction or species with a low population, especially of amphibious and reptiles.

To continue with this labor, we need investigation as a complement. Only this way we can detect how is the natural habitat and the species in them; based on that we can proceed to the reproduction of different species and we need the adequate labs and installations to do it.


To develop strategies and actions to protect the environment, the investigation labor is a key, because thanks to the results we get from it we can detect the condition of the habitats and their species. After that we can determinate the places and the species we need to pay more attention and the actions we need to implement to regenerate them.

Based on investigation we also develop information that help us to educate to the people, especially to children, to teach them actions and habits they can implement daily to get a life style in harmony with the environment.

Why to donate?

Arenal Natura Ecological Park has, approximately, 4 hectares of forest dedicated to conservation and protection of species and their habitat, where we offer an experience to the visitor through our activities and tours.

It is an experience that allows the visitor to live nature in a unique and special way, where you can also be a hero helping us with your valuable donation to continue our project of rescue, conservation and protection.

Be a part of our projects of investigation, animal rescue and reproduction of species in danger of extinction and become a nature hero with us!

How to donate?

There are different ways to donate:
- You can donate your time being a volunteer.
- You can donate products like food or materials.
- You can donate money to be invested in our projects.

You can make transfers on behalf of Bosques Tropicales del Arenal 2004 S.A., Corporate Identification # 3-101-379536, to the following bank accounts:

Banco Nacional
Current account: 100-01-057-001792-3
Customer account: 15105710010017929
Current account: 101004174
Customer account: 15302001010041749
Bac San José
Current account: 910804376
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Banco Nacional
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Customer account: 15105710026002143
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