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At Arenal Natura, we feel a passion for nature, and we want every visitor to feel this enthusiasm that we experience every day, discovering and being part of nature. We invite you to become a strong advocate of natural resources with us!

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tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Excellent Place to Visit"

Visited this volcano as part of RedLava tour package. Guide and the organizer took us through the trial. Fortunately sky was clear on March 9th. Could see the volcano very clearly. Occasionally fumes were erupting from volcano. Do not miss this.

– Rupesh S., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Beautiful Park"

Takes about three hours to walk all the trails and cross the bridges. Our guide Diego was so knowledgeable and took the time to point out things we would never have seen otherwise. Facilities are very clean.

– Sally C., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Night Hike Was Awesome!"

We saw lots of rare frogs, snakes, an armadillo, a hog, and some bats. No sloths this time but we didn't see them anywhere during our stay. The guide was awesome and the thrill of seeking things in the dark is super fun.

– Kelsey H., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Beautiful Hike"

The hike up the Arenal Volcano is very nice. Unfortunately you can not go up all way because it’s too dangerous with possible stone avalanches. Still, it’s a nice hike up there and the view is still great, even if you’re not at the top of the volcano.

– Bianca M., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Breathtaking"

What an amazing adventure and interesting lesson on how this volcano came to be. Beautiful scenery and perfect photos to be had by all.

– Karen J., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Gorgeous Vistas"

Definitely would recommend that you include this on your trip to Costa Rica. Not only are there gorgeous hikes available- the ride up to Arenal from the coast is beautiful too!

– Madeline F., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Fun Spot"

We did an evening safari through this park to see all of the snakes and tree frogs! Warning, don't step on the leaf cutter ants!

– Lauren J., TripAdvisor
tripadvisor 2018 coe logo "Get the Guide!"

We had planned to walk around ourselves as we had our 9month old son with us, but after speaking to the staff we opted the get the guide and were so happy we did that! We saw at least 3 sloths, and a little baby with his Mom :) plus a bunch of other things we would have just walked right past on our own.

– Thirsty R., TripAdvisor